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Junior Varsity U15 Middle School Program
GMRC middle school athletes launching for JRow practice
Middle School Girls Rowing Team celebrating at regional competition

Junior Varsity U15 Middle School Program

  • Ages 11-14
  • Grades 5-8
  • Beginners and experienced rowers welcome
  • No try outs
  • Current athletes attend ~10 different public and private schools from the northern suburbs of Cincinnati
  • Practice ~3 days per week
  • Compete at one regatta or scrimmage per season

Winter Season
November 27- March 2, 2024

November 27- December 22
Thursday 5-7pm & Saturday 9-11am

Holiday Break 12/25-1/2

January 2, 2024- March 2
Monday, Thursday 5-7pm & Saturday 9-11am

Spring Season
March 11 - May 24, 2024

Summer Season
Registration opens 5/6/2024
July 1 - August 2, 2024

New Rower Two Week Sample

Athletes new to Great Miami Crew are invited to our Junior Varsity practices before committing to the Spring Season. Only one sample period per athlete.

February Season Sample:
Monday 2/19 - Thursday 2/29

April Season Sample:
Monday 4/8 - Thursday 4/18

Requires US Rowing Basic Membership ($25), instructions will be in registration details.

The Registration "Great Miami Rowing Center Middle School Program" is not currently available.

winter Season Fees

*Does not include registration fees for indoor erg sprints

Spring Season 2024 Fees

*Includes registration fees for one regatta
registration opens 2/1/2024

Junior varsity u15 Middle School Rowing Overview

Rowing’s enormous potential to have a positive impact on young athletes has made it one of the fastest-growing youth sports in the country.  Our middle school students learn life skills through teamwork, competition, skill development and fitness building.  

Eligibility:  All 5th thru 8th graders from all area public and private middle schools are eligible for this program. 
Program:  Coached rowing with an emphasis on technique and the fundamentals of rowing.  This is a recreational program- Junior Varsity typically participate in one regatta.  

why rowing?

  • Most people are not introduced to rowing at a very early age.  This gives those who start rowing in middle school a completely level playing field to learn, excel, and try out something new without having to compete against others with far more experience.
  • Often considered the ultimate team sport, rowing is fundamentally built around a commitment to teamwork. Members of a crew learn to trust and work with one another on a very deep level, often forging strong and meaningful friendships in the process.
  • As a sport centered around fitness development and involving both sprint and endurance aspects, rowing has a training regimen that is varied and challenging.
  • The current growth of rowing at the collegiate level means that scholarship opportunities for talented rowers abound at Division I, Division II, and Division III schools.  Many GMRC alumni have earned scholarships for rowing in recent years.  


goals of the jv u15 program

To give an introduction to the sport of rowing and exposure to the three disciplines of the sport:

  1. Sweep rowing (one larger oar, both hands on the handle)
  2. Sculling (two smaller oars, one hand on each handle)
  3. Erging (use of an indoor rower or rowing machine)
  • To have FUN on and off the water by using a developmentally appropriate approach to learn basic technical skills, proper boat handling and to improve overall fitness and motor skills (including core work, stretching and cross-training exercises).
  • To provide a safe environment which fosters a strong understanding of the work ethic and camaraderie that lies at the heart of rowing.
  • The program is designed to prepare young athletes to successfully train and race on the GMRC Youth Competitive Team.  8th graders will have the choice to either join the Novice Competitive Team or remain with JRow until 9th grade. (The level of commitment is greater and some kids are not ready for this yet! ) Our coaches will make recommendations and help with this decision.


junior varsity u15 Seasons

SPRING-  March-May
SUMMER-  June-August
FALL-  September-November
WINTER-  December-February (Indoor Training)

FEES- $400 Winter 2024, $400 Spring 2024 


Junior varsity u15 Practices

JV/U15 practices are 3 times per week (may be different for winter season)

(Times may change during water seasons, and are typically longer to allow time for getting equipment ready)

During our water seasons, we try to spend as much time on the water as possible, but it is important to note that land workouts are sometimes just as vital. There are days that will be spent on land or indoors due to the weather if it is too windy or wet.  On these days we will schedule other activities such as; go for a run, do team bonding activities, have an indoor rowing relay race, do some core-strengthening and some flexibility work, watch videos of rowing races, or a myriad other activities developed by our creative coaches to teach the critical skills needed to be proficient on the water. Time spent on land activities is just as important as time on the water in developing friendships, teamwork and an appreciation and understanding of the sport.



The following items are recommended for all GMRC JV U15 athletes:

  •  navy blue compression shorts
  •  GMRC tank (available thru the uniform liaison)
  • 1 Hat or visor
  • 1 Base layer long sleeve shirt -- Navy blue 
  • 1 Base layer tights--Navy blue

Practicing in a unisuit or a tank top with spandex shorts is strongly encouraged.  Good running shoes are an important investment for healthy athletes and should be brought to practice each day. It is important to make sure that proper clothing is always available as conditions vary.

Appropriate clothing each day should include:

  • Wicking, close-fitting athletic gear
  • Visor or hat 
  • Waterproof shoes that are easy to remove/put on (Crocs or slides are great)
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain gear
  • Warm/dry clothes to change into after practice
  • athletes should also bring or wear sunblock and bug spray
  • water bottle


Boats for Jv U15

Predominant focus is on sculling in our ‘octopal’ and ‘kingles’ – some advanced JV U15 may have opportunities in singles, doubles or quads. 



Middle School racing is informal and fun. We try to organize at least one scrimmage with another local team per season. We'll scrimmage against each other, race short distances, create obstacle courses and relays. We'll race forward, backward (not really!), around buoys, and sometimes flip, get back in the boat and continue. Our goal is for you to come off the water with a smile! Meanwhile, you will have developed boat-handling and mental skills that will be of enormous value when you join our Youth Competitive Racing Team.



All participants must register through our online marketplace, submitting initial required documents including the medical forms, the parental release form, and US Rowing Basic Membership. 

The Registration "Great Miami Rowing Center Middle School Program" is not currently available.


Contact Us: Great Miami Rowing Center

PO Box 1035 Hamilton OH 45012

Phone: (513) 857-2494